Sunday, September 25, 2005

Purple girl strikes back!

I've always enjoyed Malakoff/Powerman races. For one thing, they've got all these hot hunks on hot bikes *grin*. For another, a big portion of my active friends circle consists of duathletes and triathletes. And it is only at these races do i get to meet these fitness freaks. And they're a whole lot of fun to be around with!

But the main reason why these races are so downright addictive is because of the atmosphere it gives. It's not the same as that of normal road races, whereby it starts in the wee hours of the morning, and everyone wears a gloomy sleepy appearance. there's just a sense of sportmanship, an energy radiating from every single person in duathlons and tris. It doesn't matter whether they're there to win or there for the first time. everyone just seem so lively and upbeat during these races. i mean, c'mon, check out the bikes! how can you not be motivated by the sight of them! some of these bikes cost a car!

I was in my purple suit again. I got a lift from Isaiah today. His dad went and borrowed a friend's Pajero just to accomodate our bikes. hehe...*Thanks Mr Kee!* We reached pretty early in my opinion, but already there were cyclists and runners warming up here and there. Parked our bikes into the transition area and started warming up. I met Terence who came up to me and said he's been to galnexdor. haha's so rewarding meeting a reader, ya think?

I finally met Jeffrey who was willing to do the team relay on such short notice *thanks yea!* and i met some other regular kakis. Including this lil angel (top). I saw her at PD Tri doing the sprint as well. Apparently she was in putrajaya last last sunday as well. All this at aged 13, mind you! Now tell me you don't feel ashamed! ahhaha...she was very sweet. i spoke to her, found out she's from Kinrara school. Forgot to ask for her name though...oops.

Finally started off at 7.50 am, after the inidividuals and the relay teams. the 5 km stretch was a very straightforward loop. i don't know if i was slow or the route was >5km. First leg ~ 31'04". Someone cheered for me. Not sure who it was. I think another reader as well. she went "Go Karen!" *if you read this, thanks! was a great help!* Oh and apparently, i came in 2nd this leg.

The cycling was actually pretty enjoyable. Though the hills were built to kill!! and my monitor bailed on me at the 12th km. funny, i thought i was moving that slow to remain at my 12th km for so long. don't know what happened. doesn't matter. i think i improved a bit. expected to do worse but i guess a little encouragement goes a long way. and i had many little gestures of support to sustain me throughout the 30 km. :) see...another reason why i like these races. they're so supportive. second leg ~1:12'37". by this time i was probably number 8 or 9. A good 5 or 6 people overtook me in the cycling. In short, my cycling sux.

running 5 km after a cycling for over an hour was always such a chore. my legs have very slow adaptation rates. takes me a while to get my legs orientated to running again. but i notice this time around i was able to maintain a fairly consistent pace. in the last sprints, i usually lose steam in the last leg. overtook roughly 3-4 women sprinters. the same malay girl who cheered in the first leg was cheering for me again. yea~! running's my game! last leg ~ 32'50".

[total ~ 2:16'32"]

didn't take any pictures of myself. hopefully Malakoff did though. hehe...

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