Tuesday, September 06, 2005

two down!

yes~! i have finally conquered my management assignment! i'm now such a know-it-all when it comes to Ukraine. Hit me with a question! Legal, political, social, economical, cultural...u name it! muahahahaha!!!

2 individual assignments down, 2 more to go! of course there are also the group assignments but those require powerpoint which i'm pretty familiar with.

i'm left with less than 3 months till i finish Semester 2. how cool is that!?

it looked like my race report was quite a hit. haha this is actually the first time i wrote such a detailed race report. i usually don't bother. but this race had left me smiling from ear to ear throughout the entire day.

tomorrow i'll be helping out with Metro's Cheer Squad. I have no idea how they're gonna come up with a routine in less than a month with members that have zero cheerleading/dancing experience. but training under Mrs Khaw have taught me that no time period is too short! ah...miss the days where she'd drill us for 3 days before the competition. yet we never fail to emerge as champs with a killer routine! that's Mrs Khaw for you! Kudos!

i have always been a procrastinator. which i don't quite understand why considering my parents are both systematic organized robots. i don't really remember how i was brought up during my primary school days, but watching how my mother trains Keith to finish his homework the moment he reaches home kinda puzzles me. i bet i was trained in the same fashion. i'm sure as hell my big brother was.

unless...i was a procrastinator since young! haha...perhaps my mum thought i was done with all my homework, when i actually wasn't? and i'd slave over them till late night to finish them without her knowledge? hahaha i dunno...

all i can say is i have always been one for as long as i can remember. but procrastinate or not, i never fail to do my work. i'd go on consecutive sleepless nights if i have to. when the work is due, it'll be handed in on time....

time for bed...which is a surprisingly early time for the night before an assignment is due! 10 points for being less of a procrastinator goes to me! :)

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