Sunday, September 18, 2005

running in the rain...

don't really have much to say this time...was just another regular 10 km run....

running in the rain is so therapeutic...i can actually feel my energy level increase as my body gets cooled down by the rain....=)

the PJ crowd ain't the same crowd as the KL crowd...didn't meet all that many people...

missed the medal tally by either 1, 2 or 3 positions depending on how you'd like to view it. medals were given up to 20th position. i sprinted in past a lady in my category. i think we reached about the same time...probably by a split second's difference. but the woman ran into another lane instead of our category's. so technically i reached first at our lane. the official there wrote me the 21st position card. then the other lady came and another official said that she came in first. so the first official wrote her number on the 22nd card and mine on the 23rd.

soo...i could either be 21st, 22nd or 23d....but my cert would be 23rd. doesn't really matter. no medals anyhow.

had a slight tinge of regret that i did not sign up for 21km. i have this desire to redeem myself after my lousy performance last sunday. and i do feel up to it. but i guess i can never be too sure.

Powerman is next sunday...i'm taking the sprint. that's a 5k run-30k bike- 5k run. that ain't no sprint distance! haha...but its's all good. i need to start cycling a bit though. i seriously need a training partner. someone who would push me more...i cut myself waaaaaaay too much slack. how the hell am i supposed to excel?

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had a little mooncake festival celebration last night at Granny's. but it wasn't all that festive due to some miscommunication among some relatives, which resulted in a short voice raising heated debate. so that pretty much set the mood dial from positive to negative. you know, i really don't get adults some times. they can be downright egoistic and childish sometimes, going against every principle they've steadfastly burried into us kids. all in the name of pride.

a wise man once said...we should learn from babies...they walk, fall, stand up and walk again. no regret, no grudges held, nothing. i can't agree more.

so in honour of the best behaved one last night (i truly mean this), let me present the darling of the family lil cousin, Charlene. :) ain't she a cutie?
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