Saturday, September 10, 2005

coz Ms Demeanor said so!

we've finally started our Cheer practises. they sayif you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all. thus, nothing will be said on my part.


except that fact that i had every urge to lurch forward and strangle her fragile neck and send a roundhouse kick right into her delicate ribs. yea...precisely how enraged i was yesterday when i came home from practise. dumb woman.

i went shopping with Ju today. walked into blook in subang parade. I found just the top i have been lookin for for ages! haha seriously, i love that top. but alas! Karen, currently a pauper, cannot afford it. it was RM59.90 i think...hehe...

so i told myself, if i get 20th in this sunday's Putrajaya Half, i'll get RM200 and i'll get myself that lovely top!

i have doubts. i did not run the entire week. From Monday to Wednesday i was too tired. Tuesday i went, but i could only muster enough strength to pace with Keith. Yesterday there was cheer and today there was cheer. tomorrow morning there's cheer. how?

u know, i did save some RM50k from the scholarship. think i should just go pamper myself with a new top, the Nike tights and the Nike sports bra?

i'm such an ungrateful daughter. i shll rely on my RM200 from this Sunday. Pray my legs and my head don't fail me on that day.

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