Tuesday, September 20, 2005


If "Gladwrap"decided to use Jean Claude Van-Damme in its attempt to strengthen its competitive advantage in the market place by stressing it has a "non tangle, thicker wrap with a superior cling", the company would be adopting which of the following:
a. Image differentiation
b. Personnel differentiation
c. Product differentiation
d. Service differentiation
e. Both (a) and (c)

so tell me...what has Jean Claude Van-Damme gotta do with non tangle, thicker wrap with a superior cling?? and what in the world is Gladwrap? Diapers? Sanitary pads?

Answer: e...gee that was obvious!...???

Marketing nonsense aside...

I cycled 10 km yesterday morning...

I walked 2 rounds, ran 4 rounds and walked 1 round today....(cue:applause)

Tomorrow's plan:
~ cycle 10 km
~ sit for marketing exam
~ attend marketing tutorial
~ attend BCM tutorial...or not...hehe
~ sweat it out at dance
~ give Julie birthday visit....*hush*

haha...ah don't bother...i know that she knows i'll pay her a visit tomorrow by hook or by crook.

plus...DLKJ is now open!! hehe...it stands for Direct Link from Karen to Julie...why? coz it is!

now where was i? ah yes...Jean Claude Van-Damme and Gladwrap....

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