Sunday, September 11, 2005

Putrajaya Half Marathon

the last 6 km was the longest, furthest, most torturing 6 km i have ever run in my entire life.

21 km. no friggin' joke! i was without a doubt mentally and physically unprepared for it. yup. my self esteem has never plunged so deep in my history of running. i'm disappointed with myself for 2 things:

1. insufficient training.
2. insufficient will power.

200 bucks? what was i thinking? i wasn't even close to smelling it. i came in 33rd and clocked 2 hours 17 minutes. lousy lousy lousy.

i now suffer the post race symptoms consisting of really painful knees, throbbing toes, aching back and sunburnt cheeks. i have never suffered so badly after a race before.

self deserving punishment. no blook top. no nike top. no nike tights.

self loathing speech aside, putrajaya is majestically beautiful. however it could do with more lushes trees. during the run, i couldn't help but miss the peaceful ambience of the 15km run in Tasik Perdana. but it was exciting anyhow.

met a lot of people there. namely, Jamie Pang, Olivia, Uncle Alex, Christina, Uncle Peter, Ashley Lim, Dillah and many many more.

Ashley did really well. So did Dillah. And they thought i was good? i'm hoo.

Isaiah helped me complete the thing. *many thanks!* I swear the last 1 km felt like i was holding my breath.

Took some pics. Enjoy:

Note to self:
~ Increase weakly mileage
~ Fix 'em ClimaCools
~ Never buy Powerbars again
~ Never eat free PowerGels and wash them down with 100 Plus
~ Lay off the 21s till i'm ready(hopefully i will be by Putrajaya Half 2006)

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