Friday, September 16, 2005

rajan just tagged me

eek!! Rajan just tagged me. Rajan!! haha...and here he claims he ignores me. Which come to think of it...maybe he does...hmmm...

Rajan did u just realise u do, that's why u decided to tag me for goodness's sake?

Alrite, am gonna revise it a bit so it's more suited to me life.

1986: 19 years ago.
Took my first peek into the world in the wee wee hours of the morning of May 11th. Mum told me dad wasn't able to wake up and come greet me in time...hehe...

1995: 10 years ago.
Standard 3 - I remember wearing a bright red tie and a blue collar. I held the respectable position of a prefect. And the most "noble" thing I did in my power was slap a guy who, then, was rumoured to like me. His anonymity shall be preserved for his sake. hehe...then I remembered Anne and Cheryl calling, so called, back-up and ratting on me to Puan Puteri Diana. However, luck was on my side and the poor slapped guy was forced to apologize to me by Puan Puteri Diana.

On my defence, I slapped him because he refused to sit in his place when I told him to, which led to me threatening to slap him if he didn't do as I say, to which he replied "I dare you!".

What can I say? He asked for it.

2000: 5 years ago.
Form 2 - I'd say this was the peak of my glory as I was selected for MSSM Gimrama. We were Team Selangor 2005 Under 15 Juniors! And we rocked MSSM Johore when we returned bearing gold medals! It was this year that the 6 of us, currently known as RSGs (Retired Senior Gymnasts), formed a bond so strong it would take more than just overseas education, or years apart to break. 6 girls, 6 totally different personalities, 1 common passion.

Oh...and shall I add, this was the year I was in a relationship that was deemed to be so perfect, so made for each other, yet so ironically uncanny. I can't believe it has been 5 years...

2002: 3 years ago.
Form 4 - 3 letters. LEO. Yup, I was all out for it. From running for president, to becoming president, to un-becoming president. I loved it. Every bit of it. The schedules, the meetings, the projects, the planning, the organizing, the socializing, the learning. I was "up there" with other Leo Presidents alike. I had a Board of Directors. I had members. I had an entire CLUB. I was in charge. I was who I wanted to be.

2004: Last year.
SAM - Done with SPM, done with school, in college and drivin'! What more could a teenage girl dream of? But SAM was hectic! I was so laden with assignments and tests and presentations that I deprived myself of proper sleep. And as if that wasn't enough, Leo Club of TCSJ was no joke either!

But G5 was a fun class. Never regret meeting them. Had loads of fun whilst working my butt off throughout the year. And although Leo was a pain and a chore, I still enjoyed myself. It had its perks being the founder of a club. :)

2005: This year.
1st year uni - The culture in Metropolitan is definitely very very different than that of Taylor's. For one thing, the students here are most Chinese educated. They're more introverted and reserved. And that rubbed off on me I guess. I was a loner for a good 6 months.

Then, the scholarship came. 2nd sem came. And as of now, I'm enjoying my Metro life. I'm in a lot of societies and activities. I have a lot of friends now. It's cool.

I completed my first 21km! woohoo~!

2006: Next year.
2nd year uni - I'm guessing it'll still be the same. Probably even more friends from other classes. Hopefully we'll bag something at the MAPCU road relay this time around.

If all goes well I might start an athletics club! :)

2015: Ten years from now.
Happily married I hope. With 2 kids maybe. Working as a personal fitness instructor. Now a full marathon runner, triathlete and duathlete.

Have conquered Kinabalu and maybe Tahan.


I tag:
1. Melanie
2. Julie
3. Kymie
4. Esther
5. Mei Ling

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