Tuesday, September 13, 2005

happy birthday pei jien!

when my alarm rang this morning, my immediate reflex was to turn, stretch my arm and slam the thing. however, the moment i did that i felt the most excruciating pain shooting up my right thigh. darn that 21 km! hehe....

anyway, i'm feeling much better about it. It was my first time anyway. shouldn't be expecting too much out of it. i did a satisfactory 6.5 minute/km pace. that ain't too bad, innit?

the Star featured its scholarship recipients yesterday. can u spot me? =)

- click on image to enlarge -

it's kinda late now, but i did wish her already. just to keep up the blogger's tradition of cyber birthday wishes, here's wishing dearest Pei Jien Happy 19th Birthday!

May you stay happy and gorgeous always...hahaha....

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