Thursday, February 03, 2005

* grease lightning! *

was watching Grease nicely on 8TV jus now...when it just got cut off without an ending! what kebodohan~!!! Malaysian TV i tell u! tsk tsk tsk...not like i haven't watched the end but still!!! it's a coool show! not to mention i played in it! hahah...good times, aye?! :)

anyway, my total pay added up to RM312 exactly. Right smack in the middle of my 2 very varied expectations. I worked 78 hours exactly. No more tumbling tots the next time I'm looking for a job. Sure it's fun and easy but the main criteria must be kept in focus. $$$. I'll probably go do retailing. Chris seems to be earning a good living. Maybe i'll go back to promoting...what's for a few big bucks in exchange for a little of my pride! ahhaha... Aunty Cynthia just hired this new girl. So thanks to her i've been kicked off my night shifts too. Sigh...i should jus quit...should i?

I got my brand new Sony Ericsson J200i jus now!!! Bought it for RM420. I was a little short on cash so my mum sponsored RM200. I feel bad n all, but she insisted. The condition was "kuai kuai tuk shi". ahhaha yes mummy. :) Was transfering the numbers from my phonebook. Quite a hassle since there's like 50 numbers that couldn't fit into my SIM phonebook. Then there's also the birthday n movie reminders which i'm yet to transfer as well.

Speaking of which....

HaPpY 19th BiRtHdAy NaViN~!!

oh and i went to this horoscope site and this was what i got:

You have unusually strong security needs that are likely to find expression in a healthy drive for financial well-being and domestic safety. You can be ferociously defensive when your home or those you love are threatened, and this makes you a good provider who is sensitive to family concerns. Periodically, you may have to restructure your entire lifestyle, and these experiences are what shape your need for stability.

In your personal relationships, you have a very sympathetic and understanding demeanor. You care for the underdog, and may find that many of your friends come to you for advice because you listen so well. In the home, you are likely to be the one who takes charge, since you have very strong ideas about the way things should be. In general, you get along best with Cancerians, Scorpios, Capricorns, and Pisceans.

In your professional life, you may prefer to work out of your home, or in an office situation that approximates a homey atmosphere. Your co-workers may become like family members, or your family members may help you with your career or business. You may be tuned into women's rights in the workplace, and could greatly benefit by securing a place for more women. You may also prosper in the food or health industries.

find it pretty Cancerians, Scorpios, Capricorns n Pisceans...come forth! ahahha

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