Wednesday, February 23, 2005

* been missing you *

i paced around the house today
with nothing on my mind
i tried to search and find a way
but nothing's left behind

i had this whole blank feeling in me
and it bugs me to the core
i just don't get why suddenly
my life is such a bore?

i've got nothing better to do these days
and the boiling weather isn't helping
i really don't mind the bright shining rays
but the heat wave is just sickening

my sleep's enough to last me a decade
yet i still feel all lethargic
even when my mind i raid
no fun idea seemed to stick

i feel restless most of the time
and i think my family's bugged by me too
then somewhere out of my head it chimes
i realised it's coz i've been missing you...

I miss my best friend Lyn. I'm missing her so much. I can't stand the fact that she's so far away. I can't stand the fact that we didn't get to go pai nien together. I can't stand the fact that we didn't spend enough time together before she left. I can't stand the fact that i can no longer just give her a call when i'm bored. I can't stand the fact that she will no longer give me a call when she's bored, and beg me to go to her place. I can't stand the fact that i won't see her at the lake anymore if i go jogging....

*sniff sniff* I miss her so much. I told my parents about it, and they weren't very comforting. They kept saying "she got boyfriend already la." or "people studying very hard lah, u think like you meh?". and i'll be like "That shouldn't be an excuse!". I don't care if she as a bf. I don't care if she's studying a hundred times harder than me (which i think is unlikely for now since she's still undergoing orientation). I miss her, and i wanna talk to her and see her. Doesn't she feel the same?

i should call her up...yea i should. Find out when's she coming back to SJ so i can bring her out for mamak at night. and i will. I'll call her tomorrow.

oh and my bro's going back to Perth tmr. means the car's mine again! haha...won't miss him so much this time coz i'm going there in 2 weeks time! haha...

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