Tuesday, February 22, 2005

[ boulder arms ]

i'm walking with 2 boulders as my arms. or at least i feel like it. can't believe my muscles are that weak. went rock climbing today with Keeran and my lil bro Keith. Had fun. realised i do like climbing. I just didn't wanna embarrass myself coz i suck big time at it! ahahha...anyway, guess it doesn't matter now. Even Keith's better than me. For real! He completed a few walls that i failed to complete. He did 1 or 2 faster than me too. He's good! and for that split second that he touched the bar at the top of the wall, i had this vision of my lil bro, all buffed up and attracting girls like me. ahhaha what a proud sis i'd be! =)

Came home and watched an hour of Shall We Dance (thanks Ju) and i love Richard Gere. He's the most good looking too-old-for-me man I know. haha....

oh and guess what i did after that? Went cycling! ahah I think it'll be a while before i start racing the full duathlon...and an even longer while for the full triathlon! haha but i'm getting there...slowly but surely!

okla...all psyched up about starting college tomorrow. thinking of things like Will i get a day off? will my hours be long? will i get to come home for lunch? will i know anybody there? will i like the place? will my lecturers be cool? you know that sorta thing...excited...yet dreading the fact that soon i'll be reading economics and legal framework and whatnots...haiyo.....

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