Saturday, February 12, 2005

* r e d *

Friendster's all red n pink and valentine-ish! V-day's coming!

Went visiting just now. Well, actually went to Sabrina's CNY open house with Julie. Met Adrian Ch'ng! ahah that fella's so cute. Haven't seen him in donkey years! He's like funny...real funny...=) And Kok Fye and Zhun Neay was there too. Then we went to Jia Yin's house. I sure miss that girl. She was one of my closest friends in primary man. She and I had like the same thinking in most things and we'd just get each other all the time! her to shreds! Anyway, we were talking abt relationships and she happen to be in one! how nice...she said it's new and all so she's taking things slowly too. =)

So that's 2 less lonely people in the world now. yupyup...and with talk about Valentine's Day coming and all...well, i'll be like how every other single would be on V-Day. I'll be sad n pitiful. I hate it...but there'd be no denying it. I'm beginning to wonder if there really is something the matter with me...hmmm...

anyway, watched Constantine just now with my korkor. Great show! I loved it. Keanu is hot! My korkor says he's gay. Is he really?!?! Why must all the hunks be gay!?!? This is what I call unexplainable ironies. It's just toooo ironic! Anyway, my korkor says the storyline is a bit wacky, a bit out of this world. But if u asked me, I think it's pretty scary! But all the same, watch in the cinemas! Worth it. =)

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