Tuesday, February 15, 2005

* Valentine's *

woke up in the morning, past 11 again
just wouldn't budge when the alarm rings
dragged myself downstairs with a cloud above my head
just not cut out for these kinda things

found myself alone in the empty house
slumped onto the couch and flipped the tv on
caught the Grammy's as it was halfway through
wondering if the better part was the one that was gone

brother comes home with a look that could kill
i knew better than to stick around
walked myself upstairs, shut the door
wondering if happiness will ever be found

had a 3 pm meeting in Taylor's college
supposed to meet he who challenged my presidency
as usual, none were really punctual, so i waited
watching the girls all happy and elated

bouquets of roses cradled in girls' arms
boyfriends walk with expressions of satisfaction
sellers of roses make the procrastinators happy
the air was dense with love and affection

meeting finally started 10 minutes too late
had to take off to catch a movie
sorry to find that he could not make it
for i thought he'd want prove the secretary he could be

after the movie, dropped myself like a bundle of bricks
slept on the sofa without a care in the world
put my pitiable day right behind me
tried not to feel sorry for the inner girl

had dinner as usual, outside in the hall
watched what i missed in the repeat of Grammy's
found out that i missed nothing at all
switched to Hallmark when i had enough of this

watched a nice valentine's movie that rubbed it in
was always a sucker for romantic comedies
then my brothers came back all happy and excited
there's a new coach, Alan Ong, to train the kiddies

mum suggested that we get a drink outside
just the 5 of us, at Mamak Bistro, just round the corner
met pn kwan with her family too
they were having some super late dinner

then i realised what Valentine could be
the value of true love could be redefined
for what is love without the ones in your family
and for that last moment, i had a change of mind

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