Monday, February 21, 2005

* r e d *

I simply love my mom. She has this sense of having spontaneous fun that I think I inherited. She can turn a school event into a classy staff vacation, a birthday into a fiesta, and a family dinner into a ballroom function! well, figuratively speaking, that is. =)

anyway, had loads of fun just now. I think everyone else did too! I just wish I can express my satisfaction and pride to my mum. I'm so proud of her! =)

I've got exactly 33 hours before my holidays are officially over. I'm actually starting college! Hard to believe... Here's a summary of what i did since my last day of SAM till now...

number of

number of vacations out of selangor...three

number of new friends made...countless

number of times i lost

number of times i put on...gazillion times

number of times getting lost on the road...countless

number of job offers...three

number of jobs i stuck

number of toe nails

number of friends missed...a whole LOT

uhuh...that's it...was a pretty productive break i'd say. Am so glad i took so long to decide what I wanted to do. Wouldn't have done half the things above if i did. =)

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