Friday, February 04, 2005

* f u t u r e *

we laugh together today
about the things we did as friends
the craze we went through, all ups and downs,
all highs and lows, the skies and the grounds,
living the days like we'd never see their ends

we tease each other about our chosen paths
assuming we'd stay on the roads that we chose
among us there's a doctor, a dancer, a fashion designer,
a pharmacist, a stewardess, and possibly a gym manager
just predicting we'd do fine in those

and after we leave
what happens next in line?
immediately we feel the void in us
like a missing word in a song verse
would we just leave all the memories behind?

how well would we do in life?
how good will our careers be, and are we sure?
most importantly, how much of our times will be cherished
or will the memories just perish
no one really knows what happens in the future...

but right now,
at this very moment,
neither the future,
nor the past,
should be as significant as the present...

live the present...

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