Sunday, August 01, 2010

dear you

Hey you.

It's stupid how life screws us over sometimes, ya? I mean, why does the most amazing things happen to the shittiest of people and the shittiest of things happen to the most amazing people? I honestly question karma.

So, I know we haven't been in touch in the past year or two. But I hope you know that you've always been someone very dear to me. I remember how we met. I remember meeting your friend, C first, through Accounts tuition. And he told me he had this friend who rock climbed, and that we should all go rock climbing together someday. And by "this friend who rock climbed" he actually meant D. And I remember being really excited to meet this guy.

But the person who caught my eye wasn't D. Wasn't C. It was you. Because you were sweet and nice. And i think it's not a secret anymore that I had the hugest crush on you back then. haha...I still can't believe your entire family knew. Including Gene's family. I think I actually avoided going to her house for a while, out of sheer embarrassment. But yeah, you were always very graceful about it. I remember how i wanted to hang out with you so much, but for some reason a lot of your friends couldn't make it that day, and so it was just my friends and i, but you were willing to go anyway. Though I didn't want to put you through such an awkward situation, so I called the outing off. But yea, appreciated it. You're really nice. =) And I remember gathering the courage to confess my highschool teenage crush to you, through sms no less, and you replied, in 4 smses, how you valued our friendship and that you wanted to be just friends. Which was a rejection, but you were graceful about it. Tactful. I kept those smses for a long time. Till that handphone died i think. But yeah.

We went on with our lives. And I must say it's a shame we drifted apart. I remember bumping into you in Melbourne in 2005. Just out of the blue. We had dinner with Gene and your friend and hung out for a while.

After that was just a blur. We didnt really keep in contact. And so I think the last time I saw you was probably...I don't know. I possibly saw you around in Subang or KL in the past few years, but to be honest I can't remember.

Anyway, Ron, just a letter to say you were someone special. You leave footprints in many people's lives, and most definitely in mine. Your family, your friends, your girlfriend, they all suffer a tragic loss. My deepest condolences to all of them. And to you, old friend, rest in peace. You will definitely be missed.
In Melbourne, 2005.
Clockwise from the top left: Ron, Gene, Eric, me



Shirlyn said...

I miss Ron too...he's such a great person.

he's in a better place now...

galnexdor said...

yup. =)