Monday, August 30, 2010


I've never been a dressy person. I've always been most comfortable in a singlet top and jeans or shorts. But it doesn't mean I don't like dresses. I just never had any use for them. My family is not the kind to dress up when we go out to dinner. We just throw on a pair of jeans at the most if the place is in an enclosed air conditioned table clothed restaurant. But I think the whole dressing up thing is starting to become a trend among my friends back in Subang. Thus, I feel more compelled to look at dresses when I window shop nowadays. And if when I make heaps of money, I will buy myself an expensive push up bra (because I need it) and pretty dresses to wear out. =)

I went from Karen Cheng's site to this site and found some really really nice dresses. Or maybe it's just coz the models are really gorgeous. But the dresses are really nice! Here are a few I really liked.This black one in the bottom row is my favourite. It's got parrots on it.

Hopefully my shoulders don't grow any broader by then.

It's funny, that day the massage therapist at the gym said she wanted to look like me - slim, slender and feminine. She mentioned this other person in the gym whom she thinks is "too bulky". great thing about being in New Zealand is, here, I am considered tiny. Here I am a size S. =D

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