Thursday, August 19, 2010

i think of you

it rains.
little drops of mist, turns into torrents of water.
big heavy drops of water.
my clothes are wet.
i'm getting soaked.
and i think of you.

it's morning again.
air is cold and dry.
my tummy rumbles out of hunger.
i almost hurry to get breakfast.
and i think of you.

i'm getting into my car.
i pull a cd out of the overhead cd holder.
a song comes on.
the song.
and i think of you.

sitting on the bus.
way back at the corner.
a couple comes onto the bus.
hand in hand, they fall synchronously on the seat.
she looks up at him.
she smiles.
he smiles.
and i think of you.

been a great 34 months, d.

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