Sunday, August 22, 2010

O for Awesome!

I had the opportunity to join a Body Attack class in Les Mills today. My friend, Georgia, brought me in so I could try it out.

I was really excited. I was gonna go into THE Les Mills building! The place where Group X classes were born and made and taught to the world! This is where they film the DVDs you people get in your quarterly updates. This is where the magic happens!

After finding an incredibly lucky parking spot near the gym, I rushed in to meet Georgia at the reception. She then led me up something like 4 flights of stairs. On every floor there was a dance studio and it was HUGE. They're all amazing, it's entirely carpeted, nice lights in the background, the stage is an ACTUAL STAGE and not some raised platform. And there were HEAPS of people in EVERY studio. AND...its open door - which means you don't have to sneak in quietly if you're late. Just jump right in and fall in sync with everyone else! The ENERGY emanating through each class was just amazing!

Then we got to the highest studio, and I was BLOWN AWAY. It was the largest studio out of all, there were maybe 60-70 people in the class, the stage was huge, glass panels all around allowed for a panaromic view of Auckland city, sky tower in view, and because it was at 5.10 pm, the sun was just setting. The class had already started, so G and I hurriedly dropped our stuff at the corner and just jumped right in. And BOY DID WE JUMP! 5.30 pm and my heart was already banging against my ribs! It was intense!

Cut short, I had a blast! It was a great class. There were bits where the instructor came down to the floor and we started running around in circles, and I kinda had this feeling we were koi fishes in a pond all swimming in the same direction. And we split into 2 and did a little dancey-hoppy stuff. I had so much fun!

And so it struck me. Les Mills is the ONLY company that produces group exercise classes. They're the ONLY company who monopolizes the group ex industry and they're a worldwide MONOPOLY GIANT. Why hasn't anyone tried to compete with them? Honestly, it's not hard to throw together some beats, and some moves, that last for 50 minutes. Really it isn't hard at all. Like how many moves can you do on a spin bike? How many ways can you jump up and down, or lift your legs up, or bend your knees, or punch? It really is all about displaying it to everyone else. It's about the energy, the personality that comes with being apart of this tribe. And it's just AWESOME. Or like the kiwis say it - OWSUM!

You know what? I'm gonna do it. Yeah. It's gonna be me. I will gather a few friends, throw some beats together, work some moves, and BAM! Come up with a whole new line of group exercise classes that'll be priced more competitively than Les Mills, but jam packed with sheer AWESOME! I'm gonna sell it to Malaysia. Then, the world.

Yeah. It's gonna be me.

*sings*Everything's going up Karen!*sings*

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