Friday, August 06, 2010


*edit* I went running. 7.7km. =)

I just booked my flight from KL to Melbourne for February 18th next year.

I'm kinda at a stage where I know it's my last year, yet it's not quite the last semester. Like I know, when I say "next year", I refer to a time when I am done with this degree. And that is quite thrilling I think. From today onwards, "next year" refers to a time I am back in Malaysia, making money. =)

This sem is supposed to be my toughest sem, because it's the final sem of this degree i.e. Year 3 Semester 2. But because I started with a semester 2, I'm ending with a semester 1 next year. It was supposed to be a lighter semester, a nice, slightly breezy semester to finish up my degree. But because of Medsci 205, it's gonna be one helluva tough semester with 5 subjects.

(I'm still harbouring hope that the recount I applied for will come back with positive results, telling me i actually passed! Positive thinking, Karen, law of attraction)

But even with one last year to complete, I have still a handful of assignments to write, a stack of lab reports to complete, 8 final exam papers to agonize and stress over, and approximately 7 more months of being away. Of course i have a nice 3 month break in between, but I think given the choice I would've loved to have a 3 week break this time, and finish 2 months earlier.

I've only been running once since I came back. I know, that's like once in 10 days. Sigh, i'm such a slacker in winter. But i've cycled up the steep steep steep hill about 4 times, and I walk about 3 kms in total every day. All these super low and super high intensity work outs ought to contribute to some fat burn. And I gave a crazy inpromptu step/bootcamp class at work that day. I was sweating heaps from it. So yea, got exercise la. =)

Alright, I'm officially hungry. But every snack that's good here is extremely rich in fat. Come to think of it, eventhough we Malaysians eat all the time. Our food's actually quite healthy. heh.

Ok, I'm gonna go back home and rummage through my pantry. Else I'll just have a banana.

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