Sunday, August 29, 2010

I just got back

I realised something. I just got back. It's been only 5 weeks.

Have u ever had the feeling that things go by so quickly that within a few blinks it is once again the weekend, and another blink it is once again Monday? But at the same time, when you actually start counting, time is crawling by.

I spent the day just chillaxing. I didn't want to do anything school related till Monday so I pretty much slept in, went for a run, ate an hour long breakfast, did my laundry, watched Seven Pounds (which was really good), lazed about online (probably used up heaps of bandwidth today), baked a banana chocolate loaf and lazed around even more.

And I really think lazing around makes u extremely tired. because it's barely 10 pm and I feel like sleeping already.

I need a storybook. Think I shall go get one from Ingrid soon.

12 more weeks. =)


Jon just sent me this site. It tells you what happened the year you were born.
I can't remember who I was in love with at age 15. heh.

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Mei Ling said...

Goodness me. to think that us being 15 years old was almost TEN YEARS ago!

And when we first met? 20 years ago!


How time flies.