Sunday, August 15, 2010

my room

yes, if u were fast enough to read the post i had before this, i've deleted it. i figured before my family and friends start telling me to suck it up and grow up, i should really stop the whining.

So I've finally got my camera SD card back. I had left it in Calvin's Wii. hehe...lucky me, he was such a dear, he sent it to me as soon as he could.

I thought I might just put a few pictures of my room up. I've raved about it a couple of this is how it looks when u first step in. It's not THAT huge, but its the biggest room in the house. And it's nice and cosy.This is my very nice queen sized bed, for which I do not have a queen sized duvet. I've always wanted a queen sized bed though, so when I have guests *hint* there's always place for people to sleep.And finally this is my magic mirror. Because it makes me look very nice and slim all the time. I love it to bits! It's made me even more vain than I already am. haha...oh and i need to trim my fringe. It's getting a wee bit too long, I'm starting to look like Nicole Ritchie. Which isn't a good thing.

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