Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what lies ahead

I attended a Careers Event at uni just now, organized by the Department of Sport and Exercise Science. To be honest, I went more for the free food than anything else (we got pizza, yo!). Because I have a pretty clear idea of what i intend to embark on once I graduate and go home. But I guess I wanted to be open to ideas and seeing that my degree is of a very sciencey base, I'm guessing the opportunities are endless.

I was right. There are heaps of things I can go into with my degree. It all sounded very fancy, doing research, dealing with government investors, traveling with professional athletes, rehabilitation work, coming up with new technology etc. And I think it would be really cool to be part of a research team, coming up with the latest technology in sport performance gear. But truth be told, I just do not have the patience and drive to go into post grad, because to enter these specialised fields, you kinda have to. And it sounds cool, telling people "Oh yeah, you know that Nike Free 9.0, yeah I thought of that idea", but really, if I had to look up another journal article or run another statistical analysis, or prepare another lab report after this degree, I would literally throw up. That's how much I hate the academic world right now.

And if at all, the event only made me want to finish the course even faster so I can start my career NOW. Stop asking me to do things I don't want to do (such as neurology and organ physiology and stupid scigen projects where i have to write project plans on sustainable soil resources) and let me focus on things I actually want to do! Gosh. This degree is HARD work. There. I've said it. It's hard work trying to stay focused, and stay driven, yet have fun and enjoy. Right now I just couldn't be stuffed. Just let me pass my subjects, and let me go home so I can start earning proper pay cheques.

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