Friday, July 30, 2010


Auckland was covered in fog this morning. I got out of bed at 7.45 am expecting to see clear blue skies and fine weather because the weather forecast said I would. But nope! It was a bone chilling 6 degrees when I got out of bed and outside my house, apart from the mist escaping my lips as I breathed, the streets were blanketed by fog.

And I had picked today of all days to hang my laundry out. heh.

I took a train ride to Otahuhu to check out some car wholesalers. I've never trained there before, and when i got to the station, Westfield, I was a little bit surprised to see how barren it was. It was merely 2 train tracks, with a mount of sand in between, and a measly looking train stand/booth thing. And because it was a depot/workshop/industrial area...sort of...there were one or two stragglers in overalls, looking kinda dirty, smoking a ciggy, walking about. Plus, with the fog, I almost felt afraid to step off the platform. It looked so desolated I half expected a rolling stack of hay to go bouncing across the road.

Anyway, I looked around for a good cheap used car. Found a couple. The whole street was car dealer after car dealer. I'm still thinking about it, but I'm guessing I'll get one by Sunday. =)

So 1 week has passed. I survived. I think it's going to be something different this semester. I have field trips! and I'm working with an external government organization on an environmental project. I'm also going to be doing my own biomechanics research project. Where I get to have subjects and conduct motion analysis, with force transducers, and accelerometers and all that jazz. So cool!

I'm loving my new place. It's so clean, and new, and neat, and tidy! And everything's pretty. And my housemates are clean, and neat, and tidy, and very pretty too! I feel like I'm spoiling myself with all this luxury, what student lives in such niceness? Still, I am paying not much more than I would've paid at the other places. Which makes it all the better! For once, my shower is nice and strong and warm. For once, I get to sleep on a double bed (Although, i think I need to get used to it being so big, because i keep bumping my knees into the corner, hence the bruises in the picture). And for once, I can heat up the room, so that I can come out of the shower and into a toasty room without worrying about an increase in the electricity bill! I realise now, how these little things can make my life so much more bearable. I'm actually very happy to be in this house. It's nicer than my own house back in Subang!

Tomorrow I'm going for The Food Show! Ruth, Erin and I went last year and it was awesome! I can't believe one year has passed! I guess time does fly, now that I think about it. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I remember eating so much free samples and drinking so much wine that I was nicely full and tipsy by the end of it. hahaha...=)

Now. Let's see this year fly as well.

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