Monday, July 26, 2010


Sometimes, sitting in his car just the two of us, as we drive to...i don't know...somewhere to eat most likely...I reach out to rest my hand on his lap. I do this almost instinctively now. As if to make up for the distance and time we spend apart every year, I try to be close to him as often as I can.

And sometimes, he puts his hand on mine. Like teenage lovers, he would hold my hand, and try to steer and negotiate the gear shift with his one free hand. I have to admit he's quite skilled at it by now. Sometimes he would bring my hand up to his lips, and plant a kiss or two.

I know this isn't really the kind of thing a person should blog about on a public blog. Especially since my family reads this. But bear with me.

It is moments like these which make me wonder why I travel so far away from him. The little things we share are probably what most other couples share too. But I guess the fact that they come once every few months, and then gets taken away always too soon, makes them seem a tad more precious. And I really treasure them.

Sitting in his car, driving off to eat, just the two of us, with my hand laced by his fingers in between my fingers. Sometimes all I can do is stare. At his hand clasped over mine. Wondering to myself, what could look more perfect?


Li-Ann said...

did your korkor tell you? he pets my knee like when petting a dog, and i ruffle his hair also like with a dog. we treat each other like pets. hahahah so different from your moments with dennis!

galnexdor said...

hahah...dennis pets me on the head too...when i say something a 6 year old would say...he does it to mock me...he goes "ok, girl girl, ok".

but yea...i think we're more of the romeo sort...maybe its just me...haha i'm the hopeless romantic...he just humours me. =)

crashdude said...

how romantic... hehehehe... with u guys the best for the future!