Thursday, July 01, 2010

semana uno

It's been one week and life back in Subang Jaya has been utter bliss.

It's way too fast. I've only 3 weeks left before i shoot off again to Auckland. And I dread that day.

Life here is too great. It's got the comfort of my family, the warmth of the boyfriend, the awesomeness of my friends who make plans to meet up every day. It's got amazing, affordable food. It's got somewhere for me to go to every night. It's got roads I can drive above 50kph. It's got cheap holidays. It's always festive. It doesn't get too cold. It gets too hot, yes, but nothing a cool shower can't save.

I love it here. Auckland, not so much. There still isn't a solid reason to want to go back to Auckland apart from completing my degree and catching up with a couple of friends. Life in Auckland drawls by. Everything I do in Auckland is more of a not-like-I've-anything-else-to-do thing. I settle. I settle for $5.50 bubble milk tea because there's no where I can get a dollar Teh-o apart from making it myself. I settle for 99 cent rice crackers because there's no where I can buy onde-onde or keropok lekor. I settle for early bedtime because I can't do anything at that time.

Ok, stop whining Karen. Just get back there, finish one more sem, then come back here again for 3 months.

On a side note, I think I've hurt my hip. Maybe there's something wrong with my spine. I should see a chiropractor.

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