Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Red Carpet

The UMSA Ball happened last night. UMSA is the society for University Malaysian Students in Auckland..i think. Well it's a Malaysian Students Society. And I know it's all too fast to go for a ball. Simply because i've been in the uni for only 6 weeks. haha...but i love balls proms. They're always such fun to prepare for. This is actually my 6th Ball that I am attending, but that's a story for another day...=)

Anyway, I was initially supposed to model for the Fashion Show. But because I was working whenever they had practises, so I couldnt make any of them, and because they only needed 10 girls, so I didnt have to do it in the end. Which was fine except for the fact I now had to start worrying about my own hair and make up. And I had no hair pins, no hairspray, no proper rubber bands, and no proper make up set. I brought very very essential things over and it's really baffling how you never realise the little things you need from home until u go so far away from it. I thought to myself, nobody knows me here, i'm supposed to sink into the crowd and just enjoy myself anyway, doesnt really mater how i look right? So, i was gonna go with straight hair, and powder, eyeliner, blusher and lip gloss. thats all. Pretty decent already I thought.

But then Aunty Jane invited me over for lunch on Saturday and suddenly a light bulb came on in my head. Lily and Aunty Jane could help me!! So arrangements were made and yesterday morning I traveled happily to their house for lunch. Which was delicious fried meehoon and vegetables. =)

After lunch, the makeover session began. Lily and Aunty Jane got really excited. I had expected something really simple and easy, but 2 hours, 35 hair pins, and a litre of hair spray later, Aunty Jane and Lily had turned me into outright bedazzling hollywood star GLAM!haha and i loved it! They were really good and I was more than grateful! All i got them were 2 slices of cake from Eve's Pantry. will definitely get them more stuff. =) And as if that weren't enough they sent me straight to the lobby of the hotel in the city. I owe them big time!

The ball was themed The Red Carpet. Which made my recycled dress very apt for the occasion. I was on the same table with Steph & Irvin, Abby & Alex, the emcees and Amelia, a pretty kiwi girl who reminded me a bit of Jojo the singer. I was surprised that Abby got us on the VIP table. We were right in front of the stage!They had a skit which was an annual thing for the UMSA committee. And I could see that a lot of effort and time was put into it. And they were splendid! I laughed pretty darn hard at their comedic bits. It was hilarious! They had the fashion show, which was pretty alright. There seemed to be a slightly more aggressive seductive theme going on, rather than demure and sweet. I would've probably tripped down the staircase if i had modeled. haha...and the live bads were awesome! I really like how they had rock bands, slow emo bands, jazzy bands and upbeat pop bands. And people danced on the dance floor! It usually takes people ages to go onto the floor back home. And it was always rock bands at home.

I really wished Dennis was there with me. But the people at my table were really nice. Made me feel pretty at home. So yea, thanks a bunch guys.=)

And there was a bar! hahaha sad that it wasnt an open bar, though. but yea, Irvin got me red wine, and I got myself a beer after that. Alcohol at a ball is so cool. ahhaa...=)

Anyway, I'm waiting for more photos from Abby and Irvin. But these are those I have on my camera.

*click for album*

I had fun at the UMSA ball. It was nice. =)


Gene said...

karen doesn't love balls?

galnexdor said...

hahah! yup, that was meant for ur eyes eugene! good spotting! =)

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure that irvin got you guys the table =p

galnexdor said...

oh...ahah yea...and im pretty sure ur irvin...ahah thanks...

Anonymous said...

dang. =p