Thursday, August 07, 2008

equality defined

so my professor says VO2 max ranges for males and females are different. but he was quick to say that the only reason those numbers differ are because of the higher percent body fat in the female's body.

omitting that, and measuring against lean mass only, the numbers would be exactly the same.
in other words, women and men are able to achieve the same level of fitness through optimal training. in fact, women are working twice as hard because of that higher body fat percentage. which means we could very well be even FITTER than men. if a male of a relatively high level of fitness grows breast and a bum (which usually makes up a woman's fats), chances are he'd be less fit than a woman who does the same amount of training.

am i making any sense? women of the world, we're tougher than men! helluva lot tougher!

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