Tuesday, August 26, 2008

chim chim cheree

i think Dennis just sent me the saddest sounding Mary Poppins piano medley ever.


i have tried to wait till the end of this week to blog about this. but considering i am doing everything i can to delay hitting my notes again for tonight i have decided, what the heck. it's Week 7. yup, time does fly. not as fast as people usually make it sound, but it still flew.

where am i now? i have come to a relaxed, comfortable stage. work's been great. i believe i could live like this for a long long time. everything is going pretty darn good, what with the weather clearing up, the temperature rising and the sun coming out to play. vast green grassy areas are littered with white pretty flowers, trees have all shades of red, pink, fuchsia, orange and violet. the skies painted the bluest blue, and the hilly, mountainous land of Auckland is now basking in its glory as the land i had imagined it to be. Magnificent.

I have friends, yesiree! I have pretty close friends in my Sport Science classes and Medsci class as well. Psych is still an absolute bore. I am so glad i'm only doing 1 unit of Psychology. Medsci on the other hand, doesnt quite stop here. It gets worse in year 2 and 3. And I am not looking forward to those.

My jeans from home now kinda hangs off my hip bones. Including my denim capri which used to hug my bum. I am currently 52 kgs. This significant weight loss is due to the fact that lunch is so hard to have. I usually have a sandwich which i prepare before i leave. If not it'll be nut bars, on days where I'm too lazy to prepare. Can't deny I'm rather thrilled about the new figure, though. =) I just wonder how I am gonnna maintain it throughout summer back home in Malaysia. I reckon i'll reach 56 kilos again in a week back home...hahah...

I run at least once a week. I try to put in more than that but the weather doesnt really cooperate with my schedule. Anyway semester break is coming so i should be able to log in more mileage.

Semester break is coming! yup, half a semester done. Unbelievable...


kev said...

"Psych is still an absolute bore." Ya, Li-Ann must be psycho to do it for 8 years. That's why she's so boring. Hahhah.

Hey, slim down but must eat well also lah. Don't be malnourished. Remember my 10kgs lost incident?

valeriechuan said...

yeah mann Psych is such a bowingg subject :P so glad i finsihed that subject...

especially the location of the hospital is so deep in the jungle village area..hehe..

and the one an only miserable Bus we have to all squeeze in jus to get to the hospital on a cold cold winter season..LOL..

i still rmb eveyr mornig goin hospital talking to my patient figuring out his psych level day by day...does he feel better to day..i think he sounds better than last week...seems more active today...does he stil have fuunny ideas in his head...does he have any suicidal thoughts...etc etc

end of story~


ps: kev what 10kgs lost incident? hehehe :P

galnexdor said...

kor: haha thats coz u trained like mad...i wont be malnourished wan la...i still eat quite healthily...make sure got fruits n vege everyday...at night drink hot choc...=) just not so luxurious thats all..

hooilian: ahah yea...i miss my carrr *sniff*...hahha my brother came home and he was stick thin...his head looked bigger than his body...like aneroxic oni...ahaha