Thursday, August 28, 2008

I feel GOOD! *diddi-diddi-diddi-dee*

It's been a good past few days this week! See what a big difference the weather can make on one's emotions! Ever since the sun's come up, i've been feeling less and less cranky, moody, homesick and more and more cheerful, happy, friendly. I feel more like my old self now. It is as though my personality was solar powered or something. I am back to being all bouncy and ready to go! When I first arrived, I had expected to like Auckland. Shermayne's mom greeted me that very first day i landed here, with "You will definitely love it here, it's beautiful!". Perfect! Affirmation to my very conception of this "Land of Auck" (Chan 2008). haha...yea better reference the boyfriend's creative terminology.

But then down poured the rain wetting my jeans and dampening my spirits while it was at it. It drained off my enthusiasm, and day after day I could feel my loneliness deepen as I face everyday with a grim determined soul whose only drive for each passing day was to get through the day and get back to the apartment and sit in front of the heater. My homesickness grew exponentially as the gusty winds were strong in their pursuit to blow me over, as if to say I was not welcome here. The cold air bit at my face and my fingers and the rain seeped into my shoes and socks turning my toes into popsicles. I was miserable, i admit, in my first couple of weeks here, finding solace in the few hours I am online with the boyfriend, friends and family. I'd wake up every morning, realising that I was still here and unwittingly reminding myself the reason I came here. Thats right people, all in the name of chasing dreams!

But that was then. Worry not my dear friends and loved ones, for the sun has come up, the flowers have blossomed and the grasslands are greener than ever before. Puts a smile on my face, really. Bus rides are eargerly looked forward to, as i gaze out the window in my momentarily solitude, casting my eyes on the majestic mountain horizon. It is true, what Aunty Josephine said. Auckland is beautiful.

And friends I have made. Friends who are going to join me in an upcoming run, nonetheless! I have decided to run the Rotorua Ekiden relay with some of my classmates! And I'm running for a cause nonetheless! So i'm hoping you people out there, yes YOU working big time in big banks and earning big paychecks, to spare a little change for the children!

Let me know if you want to pledge. I'll have to get all my friends to register first. Then you guys can start pledging! =)

So yes, I feel good today...really good...=) I had one mid sem test this morning which was alright. Lots of people found it to be hard. Me, i thought it was ok. But that's coz i think all tests are ok. And it's simply because I expect tests to be somewhat that hard anyway. So my OK would mean that it's got a handful of questions I couldn't quite do, but overall I think I should be able to pass. =)
Abby, my faithful lunchmate,
who accompanies me on alternate Mondays and most Thursdays!

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