Friday, August 29, 2008


I pulled a darn muscle today. From doing an agility test. Me. A former rhythmic gymnast, current runner. Somehow managed to pull a muscle on my left thigh from a running agility test.

*in Charlie's brother's accent* "And that really really hurts!" yes it does. it hurts pretty badly. i can't do squats now. and walking up the stairs hurt as well. sighh...

Semester break is here! Was initially gonna be running a lot but it seems like i'd have to give it a few days off.

well, i have thought of cooking up some stuff. Went grocery shopping and bought a whole shopping bag of various veges, meat, toufu, and whatnot.

and i'll be working. but of course. but i love working. it's fun. and i love my colleagues. they're the most interesting bunch of ladies i've ever met. =)



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