Saturday, August 09, 2008

laser strike

I joined the UMSA (Malaysian society) for a game of Laser Strike last night and it was SO fun! its like paintball minus the pain, minus the mosquitoes, plus luminous StarWars-like lasers, plus fancy robotic voice protocols, plus digital scores...i can go on forever but the point is i thoroughly enjoyed it! I really think its super cool!And at the end of each game you get to check your score, and i'm honestly not too shabby! ahaha i've got pretty good accuracy, i'm not amongst the high scorers, but i'm not amongst the low ones either.

i wanna play again!!

on the weather, the good people upstairs must've heard my little rendition of Rain Rain Go Away, thought i was a little kid, and granted my wish! The sun's come up, rain's gone.this is Unisports, the sports and recreation center of the Tamaki campus. my favourite place in the whole of Auckland Uni. :)
And flowers are blooming!! :)

Smile...and the whole world smiles with you!!


Tisha said...

The Laser Game's like super freakingly kewl!!

ling said...

haha laser tag! always see that on How I Met Your Mother.. lOLz

galnexdor said...

tisha: ahhaha yea it is it is!!!!

mei: haha yea that one...its really fun man!

..melanie.. said...

lol can play laser quest at the mines shopping centre in serdang.