Wednesday, August 06, 2008


today was a fair-weathered day. the sun poured its yellow rays all along the streets and the sky was the nicest shade of blue. the wind was strong but it was the kind you'd like to embrace with a smile on your face.

but for some reason i didn't feel quite as sunny as the weather. i was in a glum mood. my feet kinda dragged a little. my back kinda slouched a little. and i sunk so deep into the seats of the bus, i never knew i was able to.

today was one of those days i woke up and asked myself what i was doing here. i asked if i had made a right decision. and whether all this was worth it.

i felt like a little girl who just convinced her parents to buy her a brand new, high range teddy bear (because i don't like dolls) and later find that although the teddy was cuddly and cute and all, she misses the scent of her old ones as well. but they've been packed away to make room for this new teddy.

and she made a promise to herself, that she'd make this new teddy worth every penny it costs.

i miss home. just today, i wish i was home.
but the new teddy's still pretty awesome. and it's gonna get better. i know it will.


Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

Teddy bear Teddy bear,
You miss home where,
Those who care are there,
Worry not little bear,
Click ur red heels,
Make a wish n ur there.

..melanie.. said...

aww..HUGS! don't worry ren-ren..don't worry..3 more months oni!! will pass very fast wan!

galnexdor said...

wenching: *click*click* nothing also...:( haha thanks anyways

melly: *hugs* ahah okay today....=)