Tuesday, September 02, 2008

to shop or to cookie

i feel like shopping. there are presents to buy. and everyone's got end season clearance.

because my pay comes in every fortnight i feel like i have some income i can use on myself. but there's this voice which says save, karen save! and also the fact i'm going on a trip next week that will cost me about $200. so that's spending money right there.

and so, because there's this want to satisfy myself. and a want to not spend money. I shall therefore have a cookie. because i've been craving for that all day too, but didn't want to eat a second breakfast. and I wanted to ration my cookies too. and i want to maintain my weight as well.

but since there is a choice between two evils, i have decided having a cookie is the lesser of both.
You'll never convince me there's more to life than a chocolate chip cookie
- Charlie Brown

I guess it's cookie time then. :)


Mei Ling said...

haha omg I so understand what you mean! Really feeling the pinch now *grrr* but my money saving steps have been working I think... money is lasting a lot longer :p

galnexdor said...

haha its cookie time then...=)singapore currency and NZ currency almost the same...so same same la we all...=)