Friday, September 05, 2008

day out with the girls

Lily was such a darling when she decided to pen me down into her diary for a day out! So yesterday I woke up pretty early to go meet her, and we both went to Cornwall Park again because i didn't get the chance to walk around it much the last time. And we went chasing sheep! Baby lambs are so adorable, and they really do go baaa hahaha...i had a lot of fun trying to catch them but they're really so quick to run away. =)Then we went shopping in Dressmart. Which is like an outlet where old stock/models and rejects (i think) go. so things are cheap. =) I got a pair of cargo pants. And we had bacon burgers at McDonald's for lunch. I wish Malaysia has bacon hamburgers. haha...

And then Lily wanted to go to the gym so she dropped me off at Newmarket for more shopping! But Newmarket is a rather high class area and the only affordable store on Broadway St was Supre coz it was having knockdown winter clearance. And so, eventhough I said I was so sick of Supre and it's loud music and fashion, I went in anyway, and came out with 3 tops. But in my defense i spent only $14 altogether on all 3 tops. so i didn't exactly go crazy! sides, one is a present.

after that I met Abby and we went to Botany Downs for even more shopping! ahah but i didn't buy anything this time except for one more present which was only $6.90. we walked around for a bit more, then we drove back because Lily was going to meet us for dinner!

And so, 3 of us ladies, hungry as hell, made our way to Sri Puteri, a pretty well known Malaysian restaurant not too far from here. And believe me when I say this, I had the best plate of Hainan chicken rice ever! can bertanding with back home man! =) It was immensely satisfying, i felt like a really overdued craving had been satisfied. it was absolute bliss from a hunger standpoint. =)

After that we went for hot choclate because we had so much more to talk about! hahah...yea, girls day out, the main highlight is the talking! =) I had a really good time chatting with these two as we compared boyfriend stories. haha...
then Abby stayed over and we talked even more, till we both fell flat out into deep slumber. =)

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