Saturday, September 13, 2008

Karen can cook counter the post before this and settle some worries from home, i have decided to do this now. i was gonna wait till i had an awesome collection of photos, but there seems to be no better time than now. so ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, my very own scrapbook...

Karen Can Cook!

For the 2 months I've been here, i have been agonizing over meal times. There were times where I wished my body never knew hunger from thirst. And then all i needed was a 3L jug of fruit juice and carton of Lactose-free Soymilk (Chocolate flavoured no less). Whenever my tummy started to rumble i would stare longingly at my 9-pack cookie time box, or at the little square packets of Indomee. Every voice in me would be yelling at me to just grab the nearest, most convenient form of food to quench and quelch that roaring sensation in my stomach. But for some darn reason, I only gave in 3 times. 3 times in the 64 days I've been here, 3 times out of the 120 odd meals that I have cooked. That's gotta worth something for self discipline right? The other times? I had greens, protein, carbo, fruit. In all the right portions, trust me. And so, without further Karen Can Cook moments, for your viewing pleasure. :)
ah, the first meal. Chinese style fried rice with shredded carrots, fresh chicken drumstick flesh, garlic and onion. Felt like home.
Long beans omelet cooked to perfection. I flip eggs pretty good. Easy, healthy, yummy.
Something i learned from my aunt in Melbourne. Avocado, ham, cheese, all melted together on buttered oven toasted bread.
Indomee with mushrooms, carrots and slices of cabbage. And of course, topped with a less than perfect telur mata kerbau, but hey, imperfection is perfection when ur this far away from home.
Pasta with tuna and honey roast ham. And slices of white buttom mushrooms. All mixed together in a crazy, unique tasting mesh of consumables. Not the best tasting dish, but it was definitely something different.
Mee suah in steamy hot chicken soup, with chicken slices and a handful of fresh taugeh, put in last to maintain its crunchyness.
Yang Chun noodles with garlic sprouts, baby bok choy, mushrooms and pork balls, boiled in ikan bilis soup!
Of course, one must have white man's meal in white man's land. Oven baked Italian filled chicken, mixed vegs, chicken and cheese sausages and mushroom and cheese omelet
Pickled vege (hamchoy) with long beans and minced meat. Mummy used to cook this. Didn't quite taste the same though.
Beetroot i think. Pink and yellow ones. Given by Aunty Jane from her own garden! Organic greens yo!
Kon Lou yang chun noodles. Stir fried beef with garlic and chinese celery also from Aunty Jane's garden.
French beans with mushrooms and garlic. Crunchy, aromatic, dripping with goodness!
Pan fried pork, marinated with black sauce and potato flour. Slightly crunchy when bitten into. Fat bits left on on purpose. :P
And finally, chicken curry laksa, cooked to perfection with tou fu pok, chicken, and spring onion!

Ok fine, I lied. The last dish was from Sri Puteri restaurant. But it was superbly awesome. =)

Yes, my dear friends and family. Karen Siah has proven that she can cook. BUT, this is not an indication that she has overcome her fear/hatred for preparing and cleaning up after cooking. So as much as i would like to cook and entertain all of you with my self learned cullinary skills, I'd much rather we all hang out at Suku or Asia Cafe back at home. No seriously. I'd even pay for ur drinks. Please don't make me cook! Unless of course you all offer to clean up. =)


kev said...

Eh I don't mind doing the clean-up. In fact, Li-Ann always comment why I clean up the utensils so fast, as she still need them for the cooking.

Wah, my favourite pick would be the mee suah. Would love to give the oven baked filled chicken too!

galnexdor said...

ahhahha the oven baked chicken i buy already like that...ahahah i didnt do much cooking with it...ahahah just throw into the oven only...ahahah

gOrgeOus gRaCe said...

wah...geng can cook better than me....bravo karen... =D

valeriechuan said...

i like the salad thingy...but u mention beetroot...i see no beetroot also..unless of course u mean the vege with red stems are beetroot?

galnexdor said...

yea thats beetroot vege...i think...

but its quite bitter leh...dont really like it..

Amin Ahmad said...

Can Karen cook for me at the top of the mount Korbu? hehe

Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

That's more like it... finally the good foods!
Looks tasty, dun be afraid of cooking. Face the fear n u shall be itz master.

Cxtreme said...

hmm so how long did u bake the Italian? what's next ozzies in the oven? :p

galnexdor said...

amin: ahahha dont regret k!

kwc: yes obikawn...ahahahah

cx: hahahahha...i wouldnt be surprised...they dont really like ozzies here...ahahah