Sunday, September 28, 2008

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Weekends have lost its appeal to me ever since i got to Auckland. The mere thought of a Friday night now only brings forth images of Dennis's chat window flashing on my task bar for longer hours i.e. till later in the night. It's a big change from the Karen I used to be back at home where I'm almost never at home on Fridays at all...let alone Friday nights. In the first few weeks here i thought that was the saddest thing ever. I had completely severed my socializing side and had chosen to wallow in my self pity and misery in the empty apartment i stay in. An apartment i still refrain from calling "home". But i've come to terms with this solitudinous side of me. I've accepted that being alone in a strange apartment on Friday, Saturday or any night for that matter is not sad or pathetic or a picture of misery. Whether or not that's being positive thinking or living in denial, i'm not sure.

Saturdays I work. Which is going against everything I've ever preached about the working life. I chide my friends who find themselves dragging themselves back to their offices, all zombified, on Saturdays. But work is different for me. I like work. to the extend that working on a staurday may very well be the highlight of my week. omg...i just realised how sad that sounds. bah. i don't care. work rules. =)

And Sundays, well, on some of them I work. Full shift. 8 am to 4 pm all by myself. Now before you think that i'm a goner, hold your horses because THIS...this i do not like. Working on a Sunday. by myself no less. It sucks. Big time. And because it starts at 8 am. and because the next day's Monday. *shudders* But on days that I do not work, Sundays give me a chance to go around the place. I usually grab my bike and start cycling around on Sundays.

But not today though. Today i'm on a mission. To finish my Psych Lab report. Can't seem to start on it though. Also because today I woke up at 11.30 am. For the first time since i came here. I slept at 6 plus last night. Talking to my favourite boy. Ah...can't wait till I have the luxury of doing that every damn night...

Anyway, on a higher, brighter note, (no i'm not sad and all la. I'm actually feeling very at peace with myself don't worry) I went out last night! Abby's 21st Birthday Bash. And i'm so glad I did (because i almost didn't want to). Because I met so many people and now the chances of me meeting a familiar face in Uni has probably quadrupled. And the thought of that puts a smile on my face. Abby had it pretty grand. She had a hall booked with a piano, a stage, projector and screen and the works. Her mum did a lot of cooking, her friends helped out with deco and her boyfriend Alex did pretty much all of the organizing. Such a sweet guy. He and his friends did a video for her even...and sang (or pretended to) a song to Abby. It was hilarious and really sweet. I would've melted on the spot if i were her. And her friend sang her a song with another friend playing the piano.

Well i could see a lot of people loved Abby very very much. Everyone put in so much effort for her and she seemed pretty happy. Oh the theme was The Classics and everyone really brought their game last night. I had no intentions to buy a new dress so I picked out the most decent attire I could ensemble and the first response I got was "Hey, so ure bringing the beach theme huh?" Right. owell...i liked how i look. *pouts*

But enough with words. Here are some photos.

Yang Diraikan...walking through fashionably late, pulling of an Audrey Hepburn
Sitting up on stage while we gave her speeches...
The group i was with for the party games. Let me see if i can remember all their names. Boon, Jun Bin, Fiona, Jie Huei, Adrian..=)
Birthday Girl, Birthday cake, Birthday boyfriend?
Christine Ho and MattMan of the hour...Alex, the partyplanner/entertainer/musician/cakebearer/birthdayboyfriend
And the little miss herself =)

Happy 21st Birthday Abby!

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