Wednesday, October 01, 2008


It's October! Which means i'm exactly 2 months away from boarding a jetplane to Bangkok, and then to home! =)

45 days to the end of my exams...61 days to flying off....64 days to home.

My family has gone for a Hari Raya vacation at Endau Rompin. This would be the first time I'm sitting out on a family vacation and i do feel it. Family vacations are always really fun, and my mum plans the bestest holidays from the place to the activities and even the food. Knowing that they were packing their bags and setting off in probably 3 or more cars like they usually do makes me feel more lonely than ever. I wish i could go. :(

Looking back on the almost 3 months that I have been here, I haven't done much quite honestly. I have read blogs of friends and peers who leave home to study abroad and they all seem to experience so much that I can't help but wonder where I went wrong. I haven't been all that sociable in the sense that I don't go looking for people to hang out with all the time. And I havent felt much like joining activities. But I haven't been that much of a loner either. I have weekly lunch get togethers with Ben and Abby. And I have work. And I have been to some of the touristy areas within the city. I guess because the nightlife here is mainly boozing and clubbing, nightlife doesn't really appeal to me. And because work happens after class, I can't exactly hang around after class. But then again, so doesn't anyone I realise. At least not those that I know.

Having a main group of friends helps i suppose. Right now I have friends from various groups. And I get invited by them here and there and though I oblige to most of the invites, on some days I admit I just felt like staying in, in front of my laptop and just talk to people from home.

On mistakes, I've made two. 1 is by not coming here in the first semester. That would've made it easier to have friends who were all new to uni as well. Being in second semester I'm thrown into a batch of students who have had half a year in advance to mingle around. Social groups have already been set. I know, doesn't mean I can't join in right? It's just a little harder, but I am progressing. 2 is not attending orientation. Like my brother said that would've led me to other newbies as well. And would've at least helped a bit with regards to mistake number 1.

I hear some of you going "Excuses, excuses". True. But I am not one who goes and chases friends out of desperation. Anyway, next semester I will be in year 1 semester 1. So things would probably look up then, i guess, if my theories were right.

Anyway, i'm coming home in 2 months! =)


Li-Ann said...

about the second semester thing,

when i first came to perth i went to orientation i was here from first year first semester. best situation to make friends? not really either.
I struggled to make friends because i didnt live in the residential college. I was like the hangers-on of this group because my one friend who i clicked with was part of that group. I didnt belong i'd only come to social things just because he mentioned me.

i think it was just that i couldn't click with them somehow.

my 2 cents worth? dont blame yourself for not being there first sem/orientation. Making friends is quite serendipitous i think? can't really force, just have to be open to serendipity, take things as they come

galnexdor said...

thanks li-ann...=) yea i think so too..and over the weekend i think a few serendipitous events happened...=)my circle of friends in auckland have expanded by a handful...=)