Saturday, October 11, 2008

month 3

It's been 3 months. Time really flies. And I've been a lot better. A lot a lot better. =)

I went to the UMSA Deeparaya celebration today. Was a last minute decision, as I've come to realise no bad can actually come out of it. I still get that feeling of wanting to be anti social, wanting to just coop myself up in the apartment and hide away from the world. But so far, every time I force myself to go to a function, I find myself enjoying it and coming home all happy. So from now on, i'm.just.gonna.go. =)

It was pretty enjoyable. I skipped the entire formal program before that (which were mainly speeches), and went just in time for makan time. Food was good. =) The fact that it was free made it heavenly. =)

Anyway, took some pictures, not many. So here goes.

food was pretty good...i ended up tah pau-ing a lot home. haha...
me, abby & alex
shermayne & i
hanzi & i
the team that is gonna conquer the Coromandels!

Yea...i'm joining a race called the Kauri Run in the Coromandels. Shermayne told me about it and I'm absolutely stoked! Can't wait for it to's a trail run that goes pretty much uphill all the way up to a peak, and then down.
And it's 32 km. There was a 13 km category, but i figured, might as well do the real thing. No more sub events for me. Ashley Lim told me once that she makes it a point to do the longest distance in every race. I think i shall make that my point too. If i can't handle the longest distance, i'm not running it. Simple as that. haha...that being said, i'm not going anywhere near half ironmans, ironmans or ultra marathons. =)

So that's happening on the 22nd of November. And i really can't be more excited about it. 560 m above sea level. Can i do it?

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