Sunday, October 05, 2008

the weekend that i overate

for a change, this weekend was a really good one. despite the fact that i was working both Saturday and Sunday, i had a great time stuffing my face with all sorts of food delicacies.

I was so into it that i had completely forgot to snap photos sadly. but believe me when i say that I stuffed myself so much that I instantly gain over a kilo just over the weekend. haha...but it was good. like lamb rendang, sayur lemak, roast duck, fried chicken, fish soup, hak loh mai, potato salad, baked pasta good.=) plus, did i mention happy juice? mmmmmmm....happy juice, it's been a while. it didnt help that my group didn't do so well in Charades. so we drank. and I drank. and it was sinfully yummy. *smacks lips*

btw, the hak loh mai? i made that. and i'm pretty damn proud of it, eventhough it's the simplest dessert to make. why didn't anyone tell me!? haha...i am so making it for everyone back at home. Ok ok?? December. My house. Dessert night! settle la...we shall have dessert for mains! =)

and that was my Saturday. 6 hours of work. two open houses. Lots of food. Lots of happy juice. Lots of laughter. One happy Karen.

but it didn't end there. Today i rose with a subtle hangover at 7 am and worked from 8 am - 4 pm. It was...long, boring, mundane until...*handphone beeps*...Message from Wye Yin! She's in town and I'm gonna meet her! This girl I have not met for possibly 10 years! i was pretty excited!

and when i saw her...well...i think neither of us changed much since 1998. and it was great to catch up. Plus she brought a friend who was also from Sri Subang Jaya, though i honestly have never seen him in my life. From the PTS class. hahah...sorry, we just used to make fun of that class a lot back in those days. =) but yea, it was cool. Then Abby and Josh joined us and we found that EVERYONE was from Sri Subang Jaya. Imagine that?

Who would've thought at that time when we were tiny little brats running around the school compoung, having to being yelled at by prefects to angkat-turun and feeding things into that huge Bird Cage (ok maybe that's just me) and learning the rules of a crush and the detrimental effects of it if ever news of it fell into the wrong hands, that some 10 years down the road we would be meeting in a little chocolate cafe all the way in Auckland, New Zealand?
me, sugie??, wye yin, abby
i forgot to take one with Josh

funny how life works out eh? =)

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