Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I think Italians are genius when it comes to food. Think about it.

Their food uses very few ingredients, mostly flavoured by herbs and spice.

It takes basically zero time to prepare, simply dicing up stuff, and popping it into the oven or boiling in a pot.

You can barely go wrong, when in doubt, just add more cheese.

It almost always taste superb. If it doesn't it is for lack of taste, nothing a few shakes of pepper and salt and parmesan cheese cannot fix.

And the best part is, there's hardly anything to clean up after that.

Now, why wasn't i born an Italian? Because if I were Italian, my gut would be more familiar with such massive amounts of cheese and carbs, thus my body would use them efficiently.

Anyway, I had a sudden rush of cooking inspiration over the weekend, and decided to try my hands on 1)a pitza (pizza made with pita bread as base) and 2) pasta carbonara.

And they turned out nothing short of fab...=)

Studying have been going good. I impress myself. =)


..melanie.. said...

ah! i see a clearer picture of the pizza now! and the mushroom i mistook for a meatball haha..!

galnexdor said...


soon seng said...

Looks wonderful.. I have to start keeping ingredients like those around the house... haha..