Wednesday, October 08, 2008

so so tired

it.s 9.22 pm. i have just finished cleaning up every dish, pan, knife, spoon and even the flat stove. i have finally plomped myself down on the sofa and i could feel myself just melting into it. kinda feels like the end of Mrs Khaw's yoga classes back then, how she used to make us tense every muscle in our body, then just relax and melt into the mat. i am exhausted for some reason. it's silly coz there wasn't a morning class for me today. I woke up at 8.15 am instead of 6.45 am.

when i went to work my colleague asked if i was ok. she said i looked extremely tired. i thought i was just a little flushed because i went for a run before work. but then i took a look at myself in the mirror and i, too, was a little shocked to see my own appearance. dark puffy rings sit below my eyes. my forehead seems creased. and even when i pulled my cheeks up into a smile, and u guys know how high my cheekbones are, they still seemed to droop down, devoid of energy to even form a proper smile.

i don't know what happened. i'm fine, really. no, not feeling that lonely anymore. no, not stressed over medsci (yet). no, not worried about my weight (ok maybe a little but nothing major). really i'm good. But i do yearn very much for a good night's sleep. like a 10 hour uninterrupted sleep or something.

hmm...maybe i haven't been sleeping well. for reasons i haven't a clue...

on another note, i have very very bravely been rubbing salt onto my mouth ulcers which really hurts. I wonder if it really works. But yea, rubbing salt onto ulcers, really does hurt. I was just never brave enough to try it. Always applied chinese medicine powder. Now no money buy medicine. Use salt lor...=)

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