Monday, September 08, 2008

karen, go study

the rain, pelting on the glass door
the wind, howling through the street
moaning and groaning it persists
to stop or fade it resists
and i think, looking down at my feet

the walk to the school, seems unnerving
long and uphill, it daunts
even more so with cold merciless rain
to keep dry and warm i'd try in vain
a vision of the past haunts

and so i pick up the phone
a flu and fever is forged by me
sorry i can't come in today
i've been hot and sneezing away
and just like that my day is free

now, the hour is empty and idle
flip through the books, my conscience beckon
but my head, it fails to see it through
my heart, it calls out only to you
and so i'd do it tonight i reckon

it started to rain today from the moment i was up and it's going to rain till wednesday. And because it's cold, and wet. and because the school is just too far away from the train station. and because those kids make my blood boil. i have decided to call in sick today. i shall study. yes i shall. =)

sometime today.


..melanie.. said...

kuakuakua..playing truant eh, ren dearest?

galnexdor said...

hahah melly!! at this point in time, i am done with my lab report!! =) so yea, don't feel so bad for skipping work afterall...