Sunday, September 07, 2008

one week

one week has come and gone
and what have I done
my studies and reports I'm afraid
I have not begun

one week and I have cooked
way more than my entire lifetime
tasting tastes I've never tasted
committing absolute culinary crime

one week and I am doing much better
by myself, on my own
yet when u come and then leave
that's when my feelings are shown

one week and I have come to realise
you're a very big part of me
from the start till the end of day
I could have you endlessly

one week and I have stayed
indoors most part of it
talking and laughing and missing
you every single bit

one week and still not much closer
to learning to live without you here
and I yearn, how I yearn
just for you to hold me dear...

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