Monday, September 22, 2008

i woke up to rain. and that made me frown. back at home the weather never bothered me much. sure id throw a gah here and there if it rained at night when i want to go mamak, or if it rained during the evening when i wanted to run. but that aside, it never really had an impact on me. here, the weather sets my mood...and the tone of the rest of my day too apparently.

i woke up feeling a little sad. feeling a little disappointed in myself for failing MedSci. feeling a little less than confident.
but it all went away after the rain left and the sun came up, thank God. and my day became much better. i even walked with rhythm in my feet to the Meadowbank school for work. Its a pretty long walk but i enjoyed it. Meadowbank is a lovely little residential area with lovely gardens and houses. Pretty flowers and trees are everywhere.

Once again I am taken aback by the beauty of Auckland.

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