Friday, January 20, 2006


actually during my porpor's funeral, i thought of writing myself an unofficial will. just so i feel slightly more at rest. at least should anything happen, God forbid, then there will be readers who will know what to do. =)

i don't have much. but there are several things i would like to be kept:

1. all my cash in hand and in bank shall be given to my parents.

2. all my medals and certificates to my brothers. they're hard earned and only my brothers will know how hard i worked for it all. and they know the story behind each medal so...yea...

3. my treasure shoe box goes to Julie. she'll want it. =)

4. those books which Lyn and i exchanged among ourselves shall of course be given to Lyn.

5. my bike goes to Keith.

6. my shoes go to Mummy.

7. my leotards to be sold via Mrs Khaw.

8. my PC, handphone, digicam and video camera to anyone in my family.

9. my bags, clothes, costume jewellery, accesories, i shall leave to my family's own discretion. they can sell it, give it to the needy or if any of my friends would like to keep them for memories' sake then let them have it.

10. my photos to be kept by friends and family.

yup...i think that's pretty much it. Oh and if i fail to sign up for an organ donor society, then by all means i hereby consent myself to be an organ donor. and i want my funeral to be short and sweet and as free thinking as it possibly can. i just want as many as my friends and family to be around.

so there.

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