Monday, January 16, 2006

off tangent

my wardrobe lacks a pair of capris
something that stops right below my knees
and a half jacket made of denim
for me to wear my tube tops in

my shoe cabinet lacks a pair of heels
that's plain and simple without 'em frills
and a pair of shoes for the great outdoors
so that i don't slip on 'em muddy floors

and my arms lack someone to hold
for i do long, truth be told,
for someone to be with for days on end
someone on which i can depend

my mind will lack the energy to place
that cheerful smile onto my face
and the happy tone of my voice
is something put on by choice

my heart lacks the confidence
that i can uphold my perseverence
in search of he who will make my day
just by listening to what he will say

i lack the humility
to love someone of whom i don't think highly
to love someone who's warm and kind
even if he's running behind

i lack the will to commit
to a full-fledged relationship
to let my guard down and be cared for
or simply allow someone to adore

i lack the love...

*frowns*...i've written rhyming's gone down the drain. crap. i think without someone in mind, i've lost the ability to write what i feel. Coz technically speaking, i don't really feel anything...anything of the lovey-dovey category, that is. yep...i've freed myself, so to speak. *pats own back*

Wanna know what's on my mind now?

1. working at Camp 5. Not only is the pay good or is the experience indescribable, but Camp 5 really is the place for eye candy. Seriously, i'm talking flexed biceps and firm upper torso. *beams*

2. Improving my PRs for all the runs this year. I'm thinking of breaking that 55 mins for 10 km i have been carrying around for so long. This time around, i'll make it 50. And i'll just try my luck in doing a 2 hour 14 minute half marathon. =)

3. Doing a full triathlon/duathlon. Either one. Or both. *go Karen, go Karen, GO!*

4. Defending the 2nd runner up title for Genting Trailblazer! If Keeran can't make it back, Isaiah and i will tear it up there! Right...right??

5. Climbing Mount Kinabalu. MOUNT KINABALU!

6. Getting that string of HDs?? or at least more than one. Hey, I CAN study ok. Don't look down on the fitness freak slash adventure junkie.

7. ....just have an amazing 2006!

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