Saturday, January 07, 2006

i feel O-L-D

I walked out of Villa tonight with a breaking back, a pair of very sore legs, and a sudden realisation of how old i've become.'s bad. i'm stiff, i'm uncoordinated and i'm outdated. haha...but these reunions serve specifically that purpose. To let you know how fast time can really fly and make you realise how you used to be like that at some point. =)

Yuh Huey, as always was ever flexible. She can barely qualify as stiff and uncoordinated as the rest of us graciously call ourselves. it was good seeing her again. =) What a pity Gene and Kat couldn't be there.=)

L-R: me, rosie, yuhhuey, lyn, regina

"the lion pose"

Yes! Point those toes girls!

The new and improved warm-up session for seniors and juniors! Line work has been abolished!

On the bench that gave us feet that could spread more that 180 degrees apart....then....

After class, we fulfilled Yuh Huey's wish (she actually had a Malaysian-food-wish-list which was REALLY long, and which she completed about 80% in the 1 month she's been home) to eat at Murni's. It was an eye openner to Rosie n Regina. We had RM24 worth of delicious, lip-smacking, scrumptious, mouth-watering food!Of course, by then it was waaaaaay past midnight and my handphone was ringing off the hook. Mummy dearest worried for me. You'd think by age 20 your mum would let you think for yourself. A mother will never stop worrying i guess....

On another note, i havent been very well the past 2 days as a matter of fact. I had this bitterness in my mouth and my stomach churned every once in a while. And my head throbbed like nobody's business. i felt like throwing up every now and then, but no such luck. According to my calculations, i'm late. No, i'm not pregnant. My mum's gonna start feeding me evening primrose from now on.

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