Sunday, January 08, 2006

when i was young, porpor, i'd go to your house in Muar. i'd climb on that HUGE tree outside your house and get bitten by those big red ants. still, i never learn. when i go into the kitchen i'll open up that wooden cupboard with the mesh. you will then come by and give me a piece of sugar to eat. i loved that...

during chinese new year, your house was like pasar malam - brightly lit, and filled with food. i used to hang up those paper lanterns all around the garden and on that huge tree. then i'd kill the red ants by dropping wax on them.

i can't remember when you came down to Subang to stay with sui ku. i remember bragging to my friends how my porpor and yehyeh could speak perfect English. "my porpor was an English teacher!" i used to tell them with glee. i think i even brought some of my friends to meet you.

i love it when you boiled extra soup for my family. my mum always say that i can tell porpor's soup apart from the soup that my mum boiled. it's different. it has a lot more taste. my mum will then ask me to give you a call and tell you how much i loved the soup. after a few times it became a habit to do that - call you up and thank you for the delicious soup.

everytime i went over to sui ku's for dinner, you'd be sure to fry prawns because that's my favourite. both you and yehyeh called me "Heh Ong" (Prawn Empress). i remember competing with Sarn jiejie to see who would create a larger prawn shell heap.

then i started gymrama. you took my half shoes and said you could make me a few pairs. you made me a lot. i wore them to class with pride. coz i'd have all these custom requests such as using thicker cloth for the bottom, having more sponge and so on. there was once where a needle was left in the half shoe and it pricked me the whole class through. i thought that was really funny, honestly, because i leaped pretty high that day.

you made me a blanket recently, using that felt material that i love. i'm still using it. i remember seeing you stitch the pieces of the patchwork one by one, knowing that it'd be for me. i still love it. they don't sell felt anymore. i will never trade my blanket for anything in the world.

you once gave away lockets instead of ang pows, one chinese new year. each locket with the animal of the year we were born in. i wear it every chinese new year since then. when the new one ringgit note came out, you made sure every one of us got it. when the new 10 ringgit notes came out you did the same. you always wanted things to be special.

i once had a peak into your phone book. you have the most interesting cursive writing. seriously. almost like caligraphy. i don't know how you write like that all the time.

your handbag always had a comb, that tissue casing, and toothpicks. those really sharp toothpicks that is green on one end and had a minty taste. and your comb - i used that comb pretty often back then. my hair always had tangles in them.

there are so many things that you've done for me. i wonder if i have done enough for you. i really miss you now. i wish you were here.

porpor, i love you...

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my porpor passed away this morning at about 10.00 am. just a note of thanks to all those who prayed for her.

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