Thursday, January 19, 2006


so i was just chatting with the usual on MSN, when all of a sudden my little brother signed in. Now not only does Keith use the same computer as i do, but at that precise moment, he was also sleeping peacefully downstairs. so i thought, who the hell is fiddling with Keith's account? All at once, my big sister instincts suddenly sprung into action.

i double clicked the nickname. At first i started off casual, pretending to be just another friend, at the same time picking up as much information about this Keith-imposter as possible. But then he did something really mean. He changed his nickname to something awfully rude and vulgar which i really shouldn't mention here. I was apalled at how offensive 12 year olds can be these days. i mean it was like innocence was a thing of the past! And he was spreading stuff about my brother, of which i do not know how true it is.

anyway, i decided to go out of my cover and question this boy. How dare he portray such an image of my brother! I found out who he was and my heart felt stabbed. This guy happen to be among my brother's "good friends". I mean, i've heard of some cheeky stuff that he did to my brother (e.g. send him 50 smses a day just to irritate him to the bone) but Keith had always stood up for him, saying he was just playing around, and that he's a friend anyway. So i asked and found out that my brother gave him his MSN password out of trust. I think they all share their passwords for some reason which only a 12 year old (or younger) can digest. So that could be a mistake on Keith's part, but for God's sake he's just 12. And the fact that everyone was doing it, i very well would too if i were in his shoes. Sorta some brotherhood thing which he had to contribute to stay in the ring.

So i don't know whether i was harsh or straightforward, but i gave that little boy a piece of my mind. I told him to leave my brother alone. I told him not to let me catch him using my brother's account again or frame him in any way. I subtly noted that i know his house number. He bailed, said he won't do it again and went off. Odd thing was he added me on msn with his own account.

but all these sum up to one thing - there is no more "nice" in this world. i mean, we were taught values and virtues by our parents as we grow up. we were taught to be humble, to be kind, and to help others with a sincere heart. and most importantly, we were taught that one good deed deserves another and do unto others what you want others to do unto you. what happened to all these values??

I had a very close friend back in high school. We sat next to each other and we shared lots of stuff. We motivated each other to finish all our homework and we had a good time. She was very nice and kind. She was funny and cool. I used to think peoply bully her at times. But i remember her telling me, very very clearly, that she believed if she was nice to others, others would be nice to her too. I remembered what made her say that, i remembered what condition she was in when she said that. And i remembered how i felt when she said that. And ever since high school ended for me, she was the reason i would attend every Usaha reunion that was held after. she'd always be the one I would be ever eager to meet up with.

Lately she is slightly different. On the outside she's still the same. We can still talk and everything. But her perception of others, of things, have changed. She now sees the world with a more skeptical point of view. She sorts of screen others before she puts her trust in them. And she most definitely no longer think that people will be nice in return for her being nice. I didn't feel comfortable with it, so i decided to talk to her about it. And she told me why. And all i can say is, it does take very little to break trust. And though I'd love for her to be the old her again, i agree with her way of life now. Especially how people all around have drastically decayed in terms of moral.

and just just now, i learned that an aquaintance of mine, formerly a rather close friend during my primary school years, has started taking drugs. now this girl was once a top student in class. she was class monitor in standard 6, and she loved Sailormoon. She drew beautiful pictures of Sailormoon and other Japanese anime stuff. She was sweet and lovely. When she went to high school, the guys trailed her like ants took to sugar. I don't know who exactly was the rotten apple but the moment she had her first boyfriend, it was downhill from there. She transfered school after form 3 i think, i was never close to her since. i've heard of her smoking and all, but drugs were something i never expected her to touch.

The latest headlines and news make me sick. No...actually it makes me think. Just how did the people who made the headlines become who they are now? Rapists, snatch thieves, robbers, murderers. How did they come to become so violent, so obsessed and so cruel? Don't our parents' generation take pride in how they were brought up with high moral standings and such? Weren't they the ones who drum it in our heads how hard life was for them back then, and how strict their parents were with them? So technically speaking, the sickos that we read of today, aren't they a part of that virtuous generation?

I've heard of how broken or abusive homes can cause a man to be emotionally unstable later in life, thus, they are potential rapists and such. But I thought divorce rates and cases of abuse have only started to ascend recently.

What i'm trying to denote is that if people back then are said to be better in terms of moral than now, then crime rates as mentioned above in the future would be worse off than now, wouldnt it?

i know that being dishonest, or being vulgar or all of the petty immoral stuff i talked about earlier would probably strike you as a small impact to the future. But think again how did rapists these days come about. One may be mentally disturbed, but i doubt all of them happen to have the same condition. I can safely state that 80% of so called "criminals" today were nurtured rather than by nature.

and that little 12 year old opened my eyes a bit today...

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